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Charles Darwin And Lucia Sapiens: lessons on the origin and evolution of species

Descripción rápida
Autor:Margarita Hernández Laille, Carlos Arques Soler
Tipo documento:Libro
Editorial:UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
Año publicación:2018
Materia:Ciencia, Educación
PDF ISBN:9788436275001
EPUB ISBN:No disponible
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US$ 11,22   €12,00
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The story in this book takes place in a school where, once a year, during the month which coincides with the anniversary of Charles Darwin s birth, the story of evolution is taught in an interdisciplinary manner, across every subject. Fifteen-year-old Lucía Sapiens creeps into every corner of its pages. By asking questions, in the style of a 19th-century education movement known as the Science of Common Things , she gets her teachers who use a learning method devised by the author to reveal details about Darwin s familysituation, his affinity for natural history, his experience at school and university, and his expedition around the world on board HMS Beagle, providing us with a detailed explanation of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Lucía Sapiens represents all those young students who are keen to find out where living creatures come from and understand how we arrived where we are today. Lucía Sapiens symbolises a search for knowledge and takes us by the hand on a journey through the amazing world of learning.

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